Helen & Chris

Hoping to Adopt (New Mexico)


How We Met

We met while both working as managers at Target. We developed a friendship over 2 years of working together before we started dating. We dated for about 10 months before getting engaged, as we both knew early on this was it. We really believe that the experience we shared at Target as coworkers and as friends contributed to the strong foundation we have in our relationship. We've been married almost 4 years and it's been amazing. Of course, not all rainbows and butterflies like most marriages, but we sure feel blessed to have found each other. We are best friends, and being able to experience life with your best friend is the greatest adventure!

Our Happy Place

We bought our home almost five years ago and have loved being homeowners! Our house has 3 bedrooms + an office, with a large kitchen/living area that allows us to entertain easily! We love our backyard. Chris has spent a lot of time (and love!) turning it into our sanctuary. Every summer, we grow green chiles in our garden, and then invite all our friends over for our Annual Chile Peel! We roast the chiles in our "chile roaster", then set up tables and peel and chop the chile so it's ready for meals! We love our neighborhood. The homes are all unique, lovely, and well-cared for that have nice families or older couples inside. We are about a half mile from the neighborhood park where we've made many new friends! Everyone in our neighborhood loves to get out and walk their dogs. We love to take our dog there a few times a week to throw the frisbee, which is one of her favorite things to do! We live close to restaurants and amenities, but still have the feel of being in our little neighborhood and not the "big city". 

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