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Hoping to Adopt (Louisiana)


7 years later

Hey there! I was scrolling though our photo gallery and I saw the beautiful photos from our wedding, and it made me happy and sad at how fast time has gone by. We just made 7 years married, and have wanted to adopt for so many more years than that. Here’s a recent picture of the two of us just being in love and ready to share that love. Love, Elise and Cory

Best Friends

I often talk about how Louis is good around kids, but you really need to see it to understand it. Louis’ favorite spot is on his Grammie’s lap, where his cousin likes to love on him and whisper sweet nothings near his ear, pet him with soft pets, and call him his pretty girl, even though Louis is a boy, but Louis doesn’t seem to mind. Louis is an inside dog who loves children and cuddles and sitting in laps, but we always give him the freedom to get away when he needs a break and quiet time. You can most often find Louis on a soft pillow or blanket, on someone’s lap, or making sure the babies are safe and loved. Louis isn’t just a good boy; he’s the best boy. He is highly intelligent and I’m fairly certain he understands conversational English. If you have any concerns about having a dog around your child; know that Louis has been around children of all ages from infants to teenagers, has had all of his vaccinations, and has passed his part of the home study for being a gentleman.

My house smells like Dreft, and I love it!

We’ve been waiting for a while, and I’ve know that I was going to adopt since I was 15… this means I’ve picked up baby clothes on sale for years now. Well, I FINALLY washed, sorted, and organized all of the baby clothes and they smell amazing. I bought way too much newborn stuff and not enough 6 month stuff. Also, onesies with buttons? What was I thinking past me? I’ll surely be paying for that at 3am trying to remember how buttons work. Oh well, I love them all! As we’re waiting for you, the mamma, to choose us for an open adoption, we have no clue the si: and gender of the baby, so I just keep buying grays and yellows and church clothes of all sizes that I think could work both ways. Black Friday sales have been terrible for my pocket book this year, but great for baby! Do you have any outfits picked out? I’d love to see them!

What’s the Buzz, Tell me What’s Happening

It’s actually pretty chilly today so Louis is actually enjoying his “sweater.” It just happens that it’s Halloween, and that his sweater makes him look like a bumblebee. Louis is keeping me company outside today as I work on my garden. I’m laying out brick paths between my rows now that the weather is cooler to get ready for the spring. I love to garden and I’m so excited to start my seedlings in a few months so that we can have fresh herbs and vegetables. Thinking of you, Elise and Cory


Hey there! We had a cousin party! Cory is an only child, and considers his cousins his siblings, so his relationship with his cousins is so important to him and to me. Even though we live across the country from each other, we always try to make time for each other to spend quality time together. Our child will most likely be an only child, but will also be close with their cousins just like Cory. Just scroll through these posts and you’ll find photos of our wonderful niblings - your child’s future cousins/siblings! With love, Elise and Cory

Fox in Sox

Cory reading to his niece. She picked out the book. We love reading together as a family, and we let the kiddos pick out the books.

They grow up so fast!

A year ago we posted a photo about Cory reading and holding his then four month old goddaughter. She has grown so much in the past year and it has been such a blessing for my sister to allow us to be such a big part of her life.

Godson Godsend

Hey Friend: Some of our best friends just had a baby boy, and Cory and I are so blessed to be named his Godparents! He’s so tiny! We’ve gotten so used to Cory’s goddaughter grow up. She’s now one and a half, and we had forgotten how little newborns are! Our godson came for a visit after his checkup, and he ate and slept, and we got to kiss his sweet little head. I feel so special to be able to watch this beautiful boy grow up, and so blessed to know him at such a young age. As Cory and I took turns feeding him and holding and burping him, I just imagined him growing up with his sister. I imagined him getting to know our child, and our other godchildren. I imagined the birthday parties and slip n slides, the cakes and presents. I imagine us going to his parties and him coming to ours. A godchild is a best friend and a cousin for your child in cajun culture. I’m still close with my “cousins,” my godfather’s daughters. Thinking of you, Cory and Elise

Crawfish and Children

Hello there: Here is a picture I took of my nephew on Good Friday holding a crawfish. Don’t worry, there’s a special way to hold crawfish where there’s no way to get pinched. Easter is a special time for all Christians and Catholics, but for us Cajuns, we also eat Crawfish on Good Friday and all get together as a family to eat our one meat free meal together. This little crawfish didn’t make it into the boiling pot, but was set free in an annual tradition I started when I was a little girl. There’s something magical about coming together as a family and sharing one large meal together. The adults start by peeling the tails for the little ones, and once they have had their fill, we peel for ourselves. Once we’ve all had our fill, we peel the rest to be made into crawfish stews, omelets, or just to be eaten the next day as left overs. Preparing, peeling, eating, and cleaning up after crawfish takes hours and is something the whole family does together. The kids help season the pots, and the grown men, lift the heavy pots. The women in my family prepare the side dishes like potatoes, corn, and dip. We all have our tasks and we do them together while chatting and catching up. As I was peeling for my nephews this year, I couldn’t help but be hopeful and think about how in a few years, once they’re old enough and we know they don’t have a shellfish allergy, I could be peeling crawfish for your child, and that was such a joyous though. I thought about that kiddo sitting by my mom or my dad or my husband or my sisters, buttering them up to get easy access to someone who will peel for them, just like I did as a kid. It’s a really pleasant thought, and I look forward to it becoming a reality. Yours, Elise and Cory

Azaleas in Spring

The Azaleas are in full bloom at my parents house and it brings back so many memories. Since I was a little girl, my parents lined up my sisters and myself infront of the pink flowers every spring to take photos. There’s a progression of photographs of the plants and us girls growing up together. Often around Easter or Palm Sunday when we were dressed well we would quickly scurry around the bushes for a quick photo before mass and then load into my mom’s van and hurry to church. When you choose us to place your child in our home, you can expect to receive azalea photos every year as well as long as those bushes are around. Love, Elise and Cory

Spring is Here (again)

Hello! Last year we posted a photo of of our baby Yuzu tree, and look at how it has grown! It’s hard to believe it has been over a year that we have been online making posts on this profile. The winter storm the south experienced last month caused us to move our yuzu inside where it lost some of its leaves, but it is growing in some beautiful new foliage for spring. I think it is about time to plant this little tree so that it can get the sunshine, rain, and nutrients it deserves. Lots of love, Elise and Cory

Harvesting Carrots

Hi there: Today we picked carrots. My father has been teaching my nephews how to garden all fall and winter, and my four year old nephew explained to me how the orange part we eat is in the ground. I told him I didn’t believe him so naturally we had to dig some up for a snack! I can’t wait to grow food with our future child. We have a variety of fruit trees and we grow vegetables In the spring and the fall and winter. Love, Elise and Cory

Baby Pool Shark

Hi there:   The nephews came for a visit, so naturally we played pool. Cory and his family are all big pool players, so we wanted to carry on the tradition and we have a table in our home. We bought a pool stick for little kids to practice shots so even our very young family members can have fun!  In this photo, Cory is teaching a nephew how to count using pool balls as they rack up the balls. Every moment can be a teaching moment, and lord know we love spending time with our family.  thinking of you, Elise and Cory

Merry Christmas

It was Christmas of 2018 when Cory and I began our journey towards adoption. I can’t believe it’s been two years already. We have learned so much about adoption and what it means to be adopted since then. It’s been such a journey to get here and our love for our future child has continued to overflow. It’s times like Christmas where I think of Santa coming and us baking cookies ahead of time. I think about going to mass, spending time with our families, and all of the love that our whole family has to give.  Until that wonderful day when our trio, Louis, Cory, and I, becomes a quartet, Cory and I spend Christmas morning building lego sets together. It’s a wonderful tradition where we snuggle up together by the fire and make something together.  I can’t wait to continue this tradition, but with duplo blocks instead of lego bricks.   Merry Christmas, Elise and Cory

Louis in Jammies

Merry almost Christmas!   Today is family Christmas, where my family gets together, we do brunch, and give gifts. Cory and I dress in Jammies, so this year Louis has his PJs on to match. Don’t worry y’all, it’s chilly outside so Louis is enjoying the extra warmth. We are so excited to give our nephews and niece their gifts today. I think giving gifts and watching kids open them is my favorite part of the holidays.  lots of love, Cory and Elise

Snuggle Time

Hello:   The niece and I got some quality snuggle time the other day. Can you believe how big and beautiful she is? I love watching her change and grow. That girl will be walking before we know it!   love, elise and Cory 

Ice Cream Truck!

Hello:   The ice cream truck came by today and the nephews came over to get their favorite treats! But Elise, I hear you say, it’s fall! It’s almost thanksgiving - it’s too cold for ice cream! Well, in Louisiana we don’t exactly get seasons. It’s still pretty much summer here at a lovely 76 degrees. It gets chilly in January, and warms back up around Marci Gras (late February). That means that kiddos here get extra time to play outside and have a really great childhood.  Love, Elise and Cory

Sweet Moments with Sugar Cane

Hey y’all:   It’s grinding season! What’s that? It’s when the sugar cane gets harvested and converted to sugar. I remember being a little girl watching them harvest sugar cane with such delight; who doesn’t love big tractors? My nephew came visit his grandparents so they could watch the harvest. I love moments like these. It connects us as a family and us with the land and the traditions we have in our area. My grandfather was a sugar cane farmer, and I grew up putting cane syrup on my pancakes. I can’t wait to share grinding season with our future child.  with love, elise and Cory 

Merry Thanksgiving?

Hey friend:   Is it early for a Christmas tree? Yes, by quite a bit, but we don’t care! 2020 has been such a long year with Covid and all, that I figured what’s the harm with having the joy of the season fill our home with peace and love a bit early this year? I looking forward to hearing your family traditions during the holidays so that we can share them with your child. For us, it’s all about family time and togetherness.  lots of love, Cory and Elise 

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! cory is an old man, I’m a butterfly, and Louis is a skeleton. Every Halloween we go to my sisters go hand out candy. This year, it’s a social distanced Halloween, but it still promises to be a fun one!  love, us

Sweater weather

Hey y’all:   Ok, full disclosure it was sweater weather for about 2 hours this morning, and then it went right back to summer, but doesn’t Louis look adorable in his sweater? The answer is yes. Yes he does.    Praying for a cold front, Elise and Cory

Winter Garden

Hello: Its below 80 degrees outside, so that means fall is in the air! It’s time to plant our winter garden. My father loves his grandchildren so much and makes sure they get the joy of planting and watching their plants grow, just like he did with my sisters and myself. We grow broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots in the fall. Here is a picture of my dad and my nephew planting a vegetable. I can’t wait for your child to learn how to garden.  love, Elise and Cory

A niece? How Nice!

Hey there: I love spending time with my nephews and my niece;  I got to hold and take care of my niece the other day and we played with my phone and we got this picture. I love life’s small moments like these, don’t you? Thinking of you, Elise and Cory  

Working from Home

Hello! Since Covid happened, I’ve been so blessed to be able to work from home. Here’s a picture of Louis in my home office watching traffic go by on our quiet little street. I can’t wait to have my home office filled with a bassinet; that way our kiddo can stay by my side even when I go back to work. Wouldn’t that be nice? Thinking if you, Elise and Cory

Nap time!

Hey there:   We put the nephews down for a nap and Louis, our dog, was here for it! He believed these blankets were for him and joined the boys in a nice nap.  lots of love, Elise and Cory

Snuggling with the Niece

Hello: Here’s Cory reading with his goddaughter. So sweet!  Love, Elise & Cory

Salt Water Fun

Hey there!   First up, don’t worry, we released this big shrimp loving catfish after this photo was taken. I took the kayak out into the bay and caught (and released) a whole mess of fish. Do you like fishing?   Love, Elise and Cory

Kayaking in the Canals

Hello: We bought a kayak (a three seater <3) this past weekend. We were able to take it out in the canals and swamps near our home. Here’s a picture of a water hyacinth taken from a lake. I adore being out on the water, do you?   with love, Elise and Cory

Booties Rocking Everywhere

Hi there:   Its me again. After 20+ years of crocheting, I finally learned how to make baby booties. Here are two pairs . One at infant size and one at 3month size. Did you have baby booties as a child? Let me know!  Talk to you later, Elise and Cory 

Louis XIV

Hey y’all:   Our sweet boy Louis got his hair cut! Long gone are the days of his flowing yorkie mullet, and here are the days of the buzz cut!  Louis entered our lives in 2018 and I can’t imagine my life without him. He loves to take long naps and protect us from the squirrels in our yard. We recently purchased a tennis ball launcher and he loves chasing after the balls, but hasn’t quite managed to bring them back to us.  Since we wrote about Louis previously, he’s mastered how to sit, shake, and dance (spin in a circle) on command. He’s very talented.  Louis spends his days lounging on the sofa and is always there to keep your lap warm.  Talk to you later,  Elise and Cory

Quilting Us Together

Hello: As I’m working on a quilt, yes I am that level of bored at home thanks to self isolation, thank you for asking, I can’t help but think about adoption. When making a quilt there’s a process call piecing where you put all these little individual pieces of fabric and sew them together. Individually they’re all from different bolts of fabric, and don’t seem like the go together individually, but when sewn together, those pieces make one unified blanket.  Open adoption is a lot like making a quilt. A fabric of you, a fabric of me, a piece of our favorite food, and a piece of our parents. It’s all sewn together and bound together to make one quilt - our baby. It can never be a finished quilt without all of you and all of me. It’s a collection of everything that makes us unique and then quilted together. That’s adoption to me. That’s also how I feel about love. It’s the little things that make up a whole person.  Thinking of you, Elise and Cory

It does have a ring to it...

Hi there, Self isolation for a month... what is there to do? Cory is working on making rings! He’s carving wax blanks into the shape desired, and will cast these rings in silver. Cory and I both love creating and learning from old and new techniques to create our work. Cory is so handy, and often makes his own tools to creat his work.  What do you like creating? Are you a Sunday painter or a hard core creator? Let us know!   yours always, Elise and Cory

Something Old, Something New.

Hey y’all: Cory’s mom went through all of Cory’s baby clothes and found his baby shoes! I recognized these shoes immediately from baby photos of Cory, and I’d love for our future kiddo to wear these shoes as well. It’s such a sweet blue, I think it’s perfect for either a boy or a girl.  Do you have some ideas on clothes and sweet tiny shoes? We would love to hear them!  With love, Elise and Cory

Red Bean and Quarantine

Hi, It’s us again:   What does one do when they’re self isolating because of Covid-19? Make a pot of beans of course!  Red beans and rice are a Monday staple food in Louisiana. Historically that was they day women would do laundry, so they would set a pot of beans to simmer all day to feed their families. Well it’s not Monday, but working from home does mean I get to slow cook all day!  Cory and I love to cook. Our parents are amazing in the kitchen, and we both have fond memories of helping our parents cook while growing up.    What are some of your favorite foods to cook? I would love to learn your recipe so our little one can help us cook it and and keep a bit of you in our daily lives in addition to in our hearts.  With love, Elise and Cory    

Check out my Crib

Hi Friend: Here is our baby room. It has peaked ceilings, lots of light, and already lots of love. In it we have my Great grandmother’s rocker and stuffed animals Cory and I have picked out ahead of time.  But wait, you must be asking yourself, Elise - that’s a futon not a crib! Well, Cory and I are waiting to be matched with you first before we buy a crib; we want the crib to meet all contemporary safety standards. We love to entertain, so we have that futon set up in the nursery for all of our friend’s toddlers to be able to take naps.  With all our love,  Elise and Cory 

Spring is Here!

Hello Again, It's springtime at our home, which means it's time to plant & prune! When Cory and I went to Japan, we fell in love with a fruit called a Yuzu. It's like a sour mix between a satsuma and a lemon, and it smells amazing! They're so hard to find, but we were able to order a sapling. Today we planted it, and hope to move it to the yard after it acclimates for about a month or so. Do you have a favorite plant or fruit? We love to garden and would be proud to grow flowers or fruit that you love to remind our child of you. Food is such an excellent way to remember those we love. Every time I eat a satsuma, I think about picking them with my late grandfather. Hydrangeas remind me of my mother and my sisters, and we all had them in our wedding bouquets.  Reach out to us and let us know what kind of plants you love! With love and dreams of Yuzu, Elise & Cory

Crawfish? More like Delish!

Hello: Here's our first crawfish of the season! There's a local place where we get delicious pre-boiled crawfish when we have the "envie." Typically crawfish boils are huge family affairs, but it's nice to have a quiet evening at home with our sweet dog Louis. <3  Yours always, Elise & Cory

What's in a Nonky?

Hello there: It's official, Cory is the proud Parrain to a beautiful baby girl! In our area, you can have the honor of being called the Parrain or the Nanny. These are what we call Godparents, and as one, you are chosen to help guide a little one through their life and to help them understand their Catholic faith. We tend to have funny names around here for almost all titles for family members. A grand mother is a maw-maw, and a grand father is a paw-paw. Your uncle is your Nonc or Nonky, your aunt is often called your Tante, and most of your parent's friends are honorary aunts and uncles. Well, after our niece was born, Cory and I made our way to the hospital to meet her, and we got to be there as our nephews met their new sister. It was so sweet and heart warming! After visiting, I was helping my parents wrangle the boys and bring them back to the car, when my oldest nephew asked me, "Nanny, where's your baby?" I admit, I faltered, but then I kissed his sweet little head and say you're my baby. I'm sure he was putting the pieces together that my sister has babies, and I'm an adult, so where are mine? Kind of cute right? Ok, I admit, I wasn't prepared when he asked me where my baby was, nor was he satisfied with my answer, but it got me thinking about adoption, and what it will mean to my nephews and new niece to have a new cousin. I started to think of how I will approach adoption with my 3 year old nephew, and here's what I think I'll tell him: "Come see your new cousin. Your cousin has a mommy and a daddy who love them so much, and asked Nonky and I to love and take care of them." That's it! I don't think it has to be complicated; I'm a firm believer a child can never have too much love in their lives, nor should we ever hide or lie about what it means to be adopted, to make an adoption plan, or to adopt a child. “Empathy is the antidote to shame." Ok, I admit, I lifted that straight from Brene Brown, but it's true! It's only through being vulnerable, that we can all truly grow and reach our true potential.  Anyway, it was great talking to you, and I'm so in love with our new niece I can't even stand it! Have a great one, Elise & Cory

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