Cammile & Rad

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)



We are Cammile and Rad Brannan and first off we wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to read and learn more about us. We are excited to, hopefully, learn more about you someday.  Rad is the smartest person I know. He always seems to find a solution to any problem or obstacle that arises. Rad also is extremely thoughtful. Going out of his way to make others smile is one of the things he does best (he already has the Dad jokes down)! Rad works for an energy company and I’ve never met someone that loves their job and the people they work with more than Rad. He loves being outside and working with this hands and will be a great Daddy someday.   Simply put, Cammile is amazing! She’s a fearless leader with a heart of gold. Her passion and caring spirit is evident in everything she does whether running her own business or loving on children. What excites me even more about Cammile is seeing her as a future mother. Her gift with children is undeniable and being able to extend that to next generation means everything to her.   We hope this short letter gave you insight to us. Please know that we understand that this is a very difficult decision for you. You are so strong and one of the most selfless people. Whether you chose us or not, please know that daily we are thinking and praying for you.     Love, Cam & Rad 

We Promise

Thank you for working your way through our profile to learn so many things about us. We have more we wish to share, but that can come with time if you choose to pursue an adoption plan with us. We admire your courage in taking this step, because we know this has probably been a difficult journey for you and your family. Our promise to you is that, whether you choose us or not, we will continue to think about you daily and pray God gives you strength and peace during this time. If you do choose us to parent your baby, we promise to continue to pray for you. We understand this adoption journey won't end for you, or any of us, on your baby's adoption day. We know this is a lifelong journey and a connection we will always share with you! We promise to dedicate our lives to your child and have them grow up in a faith-based home where they will know how much God loves them! We promise to share the hopes and dreams you have for him/her with them and tell them all the amazing things we know to be true about you! We will speak of your often and allow your child to explore their heritage so they can always know where they came from! We also promise to allow him/her to pursue their aspirations in life, whatever that might be with our full support. Thank you for considering us to join you on this lifelong journey.

Our Traditions

For Thanksgiving we always make sure to have a fried Turkey and spend time with family! Christmas Eve we usually spend with Rad's family playing card games, doing puzzles and spending time together. Denise, Rad's mom, cooks and we all enjoy laughing and listening to music together. On Easter, we all get together for a crawfish broil and spend the day with family and friends as we eat and play games together!

Our Furry Friend

Jada Belle is our sweet kitty. We have had her since December of 2015 and she keeps us on our toes. We like to say that Jada is part dog, since she loves water and even comes when you call for her. She is so loving, great with kids and will be happy to snuggle with a new little one.

Our Happy Place

We love our community and neighborhood. We live next to a lake and enjoy spending time near the water. There are many parks nearby and lots of young children in our neighborhood. Our home is the space we use to come home and unwind after a long day, which we enjoy doing together.

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